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Tapes for Heating, Plumbing, & DIY Jobs

We have a wide range of Tape products, ranging from general use tape, such as duct tape and PTFE tape, PVC electrical insulation tape in various colours, identification tape, Do Not Use, Unsafe Appliance, and closure plate tape, to self-fusing silicone tape, ideal for a large number of temporary job repairs. Ideal for every heating, plumbing and DIY job.

  • 0 - 17 £2.48
    18 - 35 £2.35
    36+ £2.23
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Identification Tapes


    This identification tape is printed with the basic identification colours as emphasised by the Health & Safety Regulations.

    • Various colours dependent on H&S Regulation
    • 38mm x 33m 
  • 0 - 35 £4.22
    36+ £3.33
    0+ -
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Hazard Tape


    'Hazard' or 'barricade' tape used to warn or catch the attention of passersby of an area or situation containing a possible hazard.

  • £1.24Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    PVC Electrical Insulation Tape


    Ideal for most electrical insulation work and colour coding. Manufactured to BS EN60454 / Type 2 specification.

    • Flame retardant and self extinguishing
    • Wide range of colours
    • RoHs compliant
    • Water and UV resistant
    • Non corrosive adhesive


  • £4.28Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    PRS10 Closure Plate Tape


    PRS10 Issue 2 Closure Plate Tape is specially manufactured for the safe and secure sealing of Gas Fire back plates. 

    • Meets recommendations of BS5671 for Gas Fire Installations
    • Service temperature 5-100˚C
    • Complied with British Gas sealing tape specifications 
    • Available sizes: 50mm x 10m, 50mm x 25m
  • £7.58Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Premium Sealing Cloth Tape


    Premium Sealing Cloth Tape can be used for jointing, sealing, repairing, bundling, joining polythene sheeting and more.

    • 65%(Polyester) + 35%(Cotton) Woven Cloth with Warp & Weft
    • Total thickness: 300 micron
    • Peel adhesion: 1250gf/25mm/180°
    • Tensile strength: 13.5kgf/25mm
    • Heat resistance: 85℃/180 min
    • Weather resistance: 8 Hrs
    • Length: 25m
  • £5.24Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    General Purpose Sealing Cloth Tape


    For general purpose jointing, sealing, repairing, bundling, and joining polythene sheeting etc. Service temperature range - 20°C to +60°C

    • Dimensions: 50mm x 50m
    • Cloth Tape
    • Colour: Silver
  • £0.37Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    PTFE Tape - Water

    • PTFE Thread Sealing Tape, non-flammable thread sealant
    • Resistant to all acids, alkalis and solvents
    • Suitable for use with oxygen and drinking water
    • 12mm x 5m
  • £1.02Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    PTFE Tape - Gas


    High density EN specification PTFE thread seal tape

    • Conforms to EN751.3 GRp specification
    • Conforms to BS5292and BS6974
    • For all threads up 50mm
    • May also be used with oil
    • Dimensions: 5m x 12mm
  • £3.44Pack2
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Gas Foam Infill Plate Tape


    Double sided gas foam pressure fixing tape.Used to take up gaps between a gas fire closure plate and surrounding face.Also used for permanent applications where medium shear and moderate loads may be encountered.

    • Dimensions: 12mm x 1.5mm x 3m
    • Service temperature range -20°C to +75°C
  • £4.57Pack2
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Single Sided Boiler Casing Foam

    • Single sided low density foam sealant tape with high tack positioning adhesive
    • Used to take up gaps between gas fire closure plate and surround face
    • Also general appliance sealing applications
    • 2 rolls per pack
    • Size 12mm x 12mm x 4m


  • £6.65Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    RSX15 Denso Tape

    Denso tape for repair and maintenance, sealing and general waterproofing. Can be used on oil, water a gas pipelines; buried and exposed pipes; pipeline joints and fittings; valves, couplings flanges and flange adaptors; tie bars, rods and cables; structural steel work.
    • Easy to apply with minimum surface preparation
    • Give long lasting protection
    • Easy to repair or replace after inspection
    • Immediate bond to substrate
    • Conforms to any surface
    • Cold applied with no curing time
    • Resistant to dilute Mineral Acids, Alkalis and Salts
    • Non cracking and non absorbent to moisture
    Available in sizes 50mm x 10m; 75mm x 10m and 100mm x 10m
  • £5.34Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Aluminium Foil Tape


    Recommended where a moisture barrier is required. Use in any situation where long life and great resistance is needed.

    • 50mm x 45m
  • £7.14Roll
    (inc. 20% VAT)

    Silicone Repair Tape

    • Self-fusing silicone tape
    • Excellent electrical insulation up to 8000v
    • Withstands extreme temperatures -65°C to 260°C
    • Withstands pressure up to 700psi
    • Resists petrol, oils, acids, solvents, saltwater and UV rays