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Arctic Spray Systems


  • £1.57Each
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Freezing Jacket

    • 8-28mm freezing jacket for use with Arctic Spray    
    • Length: 20cm
  • 0 - 5 £7.55 £0.00
    6 - 11 £7.17 £0.00
    12+ £6.79 £0.00
    £0.00 £0.00
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer


    Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer enables repairs and maintenance of pipework without the need to drain down the whole system, saving time and money. Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer is an essential bit of kit for plumbers, DIY enthusiasts, heating engineers and deluge/sprinkler engineers. Can be used on all types of pipe, including copper, steel steel, carbon steel, plastic (inc. barrier pipe), lead, iron and more. Works on both horizontal and vertical applications and is great for confined spaces. Safe and effective to use in domestic properties, apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, leisure centres. 

    • Portable
    • Non-flammable
    • Works on all materials
    • Kits are reusable with new Freezer aerosols 
    • Available in a 200ml can (1 x 8-15mm freeze), or 415ml can (2 x 8-15mm freezes or 1x 22 or 28mm freeze)
    • Replacement can, requires Arctic Spray kit to work

    Ideal for:

    • Installing or replacing service valves; replacing stop cocks; changing radiator valves; isolating water supply; maintaining deluge/sprinkler systems without shutting down entire zones.
  • £8.67Kit
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Pipe Freezing Kit


    ASK1 contains:

    • 1 x 200ml Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer can
    • 1 x Freezing Jacket (2 x jackets in AS2)
    • Suitable for either 1 x 8-15mm freeze

    ASK2 contains:

    • 1 x 415ml Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer can
    • 2 x freezing jackets
    • Suitable for 2 x 8-15mm freezes, 1 x 22mm freeze, or 1 x 28mm freeze  
  • £60.70Each
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Elite Freezing System

    • Covers 8mm – 35mm pipe work
    • Can be used on copper, plastic, iron and lead
    • Comprehensive installation instructions
    • Fast action freezing
    • 6 x 15mm freezes per system

  • £12.49Each
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Elite 8-20mm Jacket

    • Covers 8-20mm pipe work
    • Can be used on all types of pipe
    • For use with Arctic Spray Elite Freezing System
  • £12.78Each
    (ex. VAT)

    Arctic Spray Elite 22-35 mm Jacket

    • Covers 22mm – 35mm pipe work
    • Can be used on all types of pipework
    • For use with Arctic Spray Elite Freezing System
  • £1.39Pack100
    (ex. VAT)

    Spare Cable Ties for Freezing Jacket (Pack of 100)

    • 100 x Spare Tiles (200mm)